Vacation Watch Request Form

Good Afternoon,

The Vacation Watch is a program offered to residents who will be away from their residence for an extended period of time. This program informs officers of your departure date, returning date, who is allowed to be on your property and any other information the resident feels officers should know.

Submitted information is entered in to the operating / reporting system for the police department and is NOT accessible by the general public. The information is stored at a secure location and residents should feel safe in submitting this sensitive information. Once the information is entered, patrol officers will drive by the residence and know to watch for suspicious activity.

There is no cost or fee and residents are encouraged to use this program whenever they are away from home. Please download and fill out your form. You may deliver it either via Fax (940)365-0664, Email Chief James Edland, or deliver it to the Municipal Court.

Chief James Edland
Northeast Police Department